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New Work

Currently writing this waiting for KD's first concert with her choir in the amazing Paisley Abbey. What a building!

I learned yesterday that I am to work on new writing with Ann Marie de Mambro. She was my first choice from the four brilliant playwrights that we got to work with as she writes very un-pretentious bitter-sweet stories. The accessible side of her writing is what I'm really looking forward to getting involved with. Hopefully we will end up with a play for everyone, not just something for "theatre-goers" and intellectuals.

After this concert we are heading back to Glasgow to join my classmates with the dying embers of their thanksgiving dinner. Apparently there will be a lot of cake. I like cake. A lot.
Location:Paisley,United Kingdom

Week 8

That's us reached week 8 in the course and things are really starting to get going. The only real annoyance is that I haven't written a song, or even played a musical instrument in quite some time and I'm really starting to miss the studio, but I know that when I do finally get the time to record I will be fresh as a daisy. It's the longest I've gone without recording since 2002 or something!

I'm starting to think up bits and pieces for a show that will be performed at the Arches (a great Glasgow space) next June.  I'm tying it in with my research project based on merging theatre and music and, having seen the A2's who I'll be working with, I'm really excited.  I'm thinking along the lines of Bible-belt America attitudes to abortion and how a teenager gets caught up in the madness.  Not sure of any details yet but I hope it all starts to fall into place once I start typing.

Doing Stanislavsky at the moment which, to be honest, isn't my c…