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L.E.M. workshop

We spent this week taking part in a L.E.M workshop (Laboratoire d'Etude du Mouvement) run by Jaques Lecoq's daughter Pascale.  This was all about us understanding the relationship between movement and space.  At first I felt it was all a bit arty-farty for my taste but in the end, after developing 3 dimensional objects and using moving them around a bit - I realised that I picked up a lot of different bits and pieces that will be helpful with regards to directing.

Looking at the spacing between people, how certain areas show certain passions and how certain colour illicit certain responses was interesting.  We made various objects and I'm sure that it will all be very useful when we have our first meeting with our set designer next week.

The following week will be very interesting, first we watch our acting cohorts perform Gorky's 'Vassa' - it will be interesting to see what results they get from what has been a very difficult rehearsal process for some of the…