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Photos and Films

The last few weeks have been taken up mainly with me getting to grips with making videos of as high quality as I can muster! I went out with my actor friend, Lucy Hollis, to try and work on getting some shots for her showreel and so I could practice my technique of filming outside as I will be making a music video soon so wanted to get to grips with various new pieces of equipment I had bought.

I was really happy with the results that you can see here:

We shot on location around Largs and the music is by Paul McGranaghan.  I produced the song and played keys on it.

Whilst we were up in the hills and on the beach I thought I'd try and get a few snaps whilst I was at it.  I  struggled for a while as I was using a new lens I wasn't used to, but in the end I got some pics that I was really happy with.

I then worked with Lucy and actor Sam Keefe on a short scene from Dennis Kelly's 'After the End'.  This is the first time I really filmed a scene, I've always made mu…