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Some Audition Tips for School Leavers

I see a lot of auditions for drama school, I pop in and work for the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and do first and second round admissions for their BA Acting and Musical Theatre courses.

It can be a really exciting job, attempting to spot the next great talent, but it can equally be demoralising as I see a lot of young people who come in either under-prepared or, even worse, badly prepared and don’t give themselves the best chance to show off what they can do.

The brilliant Ali De Souza has made this video hereabout auditioning and I thoroughly recommend watching it.

Ali’s notes are more about what to do on the actual day, so I thought I might write a few (hopefully) helpful tips about how to rehearse your scenes and what an audition panel is looking for. I would say that these notes are mainly aimed at those who are just about to leave school and perhaps have little experience in the way of auditioning. I should note that these suggestions are from my own personal experience and ar…