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New Vid for LPC

Well after hours and hours of work, my video for LPC Design and Print is up and running.

Check it out here

I'm really happy with it and think it works really well in the context of the website.

The Unexciting World of Animation

Man alive!
I've been working hard at learning how to use Apple's amazing Motion software - I used it for my 'Better Than That' video.

But, as the song suggests, I reckon I can do better than that, and have been working away at trying to get a video together for my brothers' business, LPC Design and Print.
This ten second clip took me about 5 hours!

I'm getting faster all the time, hopefully the next one will only take 3.

New Video

I spent Friday working on a new little video for my youth theatre in Largs.  I'm pretty happy with it and think that it shows most of the stuff that we do.  There's a small floating child at the end but I couldn't face going back and fixing it up!

Sunday led me and KD to see my nieces involved in their first skating competition.  It was a great place and everyone was really friendly, my nieces did great with Cara coming first and Marianne third.  Here are my two fav pics from the event, really happy with my new camera.

Now I need to get to work on my next music vid.  A post-apocalyptic world is what I'm thinking!

Getting ready for the gig

Just back from a great rehearsal with One Man Town. We're playing a week on Saturday in Kilmarnock, apparently bands are then chosen to support The Automatic - I didn't know they were still about but hey ho.

Here's a wee vid showing my pov in the studio.
Location:Main Street,Largs,United Kingdom

My First Post

Hello.... anyone...

I'm just starting a whole new chapter in my life these coming months and thought it'd be good to do a blog about it, for no other reason than a diary for myself really. Perhaps others will find it interesting, I don't know.

I've just received my new camera (Canon 550d) an have asked the rock band De Soto Firefly if they'd like to be my guinea pigs and I am now trying to get some ideas together. I'm thinking wet faces and doors, that's about it just now.

Cheers ma dears