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End of the week

Another great week of rehearsals with the A2's doing Much Ado About Nothing. Plenty of great pics here that I took today during our final rehearsal before the easter weekend. Really looking forward to getting stuck into the next week of rehearsal, then we're in the theatre tech-ing before the performances begin the following week.

Gearing up to go

I have spent the last couple of weeks on placement with Guy Hollands from the Citizens theatre.  He has been working on a collection of American one act plays that are to be performed at the Tron in June.  It was interesting to see him work and to get to know the plays, I spent most of the time observing but I had a chance to get involved when it was discovered that one of the plays, Boom Box, required a song to be written to the lyrics that were present in the play already.  It was meant to be a cheesy 80's ballad, so I came up with this!  I grew a mullet and everything...

The National Theatre of Scotland have accepted my 3 proposals for their 5 Minute Theatre Project - we are doing one with LYT, one with GYT and one with a group I'm working with at the RSAMD, so that's in the pipeline for the next few months.  I've also finished writing a short comedy which we are performing at the Arches in June, it's called 'The Rise and Fall of Lucas Petite' and is a l…