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Fringe - Week 3

Well this hasn't been my first Fringe but it's certainly been the one I've felt an actual part of.  Met some great people yesterday at the Playwrights' Studio Scotland party and then even more folk at the FST do after that... was great to chat and learn about how the whole theatre thing works.

I was very surprised, and delighted, to hear that Towards the Moon has been nominated for 3 MTM Awards, best book, best music and best new musical.  It's a great honour to be nominated alongside such fantastic writers.  You can see the nominations here.

The reviews have been coming in fairly thick and fast and it's been a great response (on the whole!).  You can see a collection of the reviews and what have you here.

Towards the Moon, bit by bit.

So last week saw the opening of my musical in development 'Towards the Moon' at the Edinburgh Fringe.  It's been a really exciting time and it was great to see something that I've written being brought to the stage by professional-standard actors and with top direction.  It's taken me about 15 years to get from writing stuff and putting it under my bed to actually believing that it is good enough to be presented to the public!  This is stage one of a longer process, I am talking to various people about how to take it further and it has been a fascinating experience.  There have been a few irritations along the way, as expected, but these are all to do with the logistics of performing at the world's largest arts festival.

The Edinburgh Fringe presents a few distinct challenges, there is almost no room to store set and you get no more than an hour.  This has been the source of the most frustration for me because I know what's missing from the story - pretty m…