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Pie and Plays and Pints

Today I walked up to the top of Byres Road to the place of my matrimony (the Oran Mor). I went to see a Play a Pie and a Pint. The play was called 'The Uncertainty Files' and, although not the kind of thing that I particularly like, it was a good experience to fill myself with Budweiser and greasy pies and then kick back and watch something for 45 minutes.

During the play I came to realise that, even though I may not have thought it before, I have a very definite idea of what kind of theatre I like and what I think it should consist of. This can only be a good thing I reckon.

Also during it (I had a lot of time to think) I came across an idea for making a smaller theatre within hte cavernous Barrfields. All the elements are in place really, myself and Ryan are banding ideas about and hopefully we can create a workable solution as a 500 seater theatre is not going to be used half as much as a 150 seater - or less even.

A letter I wrote was published in the Largs and Millport W…

Album Seems Done

Well I think that that is One Man Town's new album complete.  Got to send it off to the others to hear and then I think the job of getting artwork etc begins. Here's one of the songs from it.

Largs Has Got Talent

The last few days have been very busy, as I have been doing sound and helping direct a local talent contest that is quickly becoming THE major event in the entertainment world of Largs (not saying much).  It is a real big challenge, with lots of various mic setups and what have you but we managed it really well and the sound quality was as good as can be expected with the limited PA.

You can check out the show (and a little video I made of the auditions) at the LHGT youtube page.

I've started to write the first few scenes of a new musical... back to work...