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On to new stuff

Last Friday and Saturday I set myself a fairly daunting challenge, to take our production of Much Ado out to a school and a youth theatre, deliver workshops and then do a revised, interactive one hour production of the play.  The RSAMD gave me a week with the actors to develop these ideas and we had a great time working out the best way of delivering the workshops.  All in the all they were a huge success and I hope that I will be have the opportunity to work with a number of the actors again at some point.

I have spent the last week sitting in rehearsals with the director Guy Hollands, who has kindly agreed to be my mentor, unfortunately I couldn't make too many of the rehearsals as the roof in my flat in Largs was blown off and that has been the topic of the week really.

Tomorrow I head off to the RSAMD to assist Ali De Souza in an acting masterclass, I'm really looking forward to it, I think it will be great fun.  Next week I start work on Lucas Petite, a short comedy I h…

Busy busy busy

Hooooly smoke that was a fast moving busy week!

We spent most of the week teching Much Ado About nothing.  You can read all about it on the blog that I'm running for the show.  I also took some lovely photos of the event, my favorite of which is this one here, featuring Bobby as the character Hero:

There has been so much going on with the show that it seems impossible to sum it all up. I have spent a great deal of time working on sound design as well as doing my main job as assistant director.  It has been great fun and the actors are a really good bunch to work with - I'm sure the show will go well.

We are taking the show out to school the following week so I have spent the weekend preparing for that, it's going to be tricky cutting a 3 hour play down to one hour, but there's nothing like a challenge!

On top of this I have created a website for my course, this is an easy way to help agents get in touch with the actors and directors.  You can have a look at www.rsamd-c…