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Saint of the Open Door

Here's a piece of orchestral music I wrote last night, for a movement sequence in Mother Maria.

Saint of the Open Door by A R McGregor

New Video for Mother Maria

I spent a lovely summer's day sitting in my wee computer room making this video about 'Mother Maria'.

I've also updated my website at a little.

Mother Maria

I've been busy working on a new blog page for Mother Maria - the new play I am currently directing by Ann Marie Di Mambro.  You can find it here.  Working with a very basic design of three boxes that can be moved around to create different spaces, seems to all be looking good so far.  We have another 5 weeks or so to rehearse it, so plenty of time to get things right!

New song called 22

22 by A R McGregor Just finished writing and recording this wee number.

First review...

Received the first ever professional review of something I've been involved with today. And it was five stars! Can't go wrong there.

It was great to see it in the concert hall with all the musicians, the actors were fantastic and all in all it was a top experience and something that I won't ever be likely to be involved with again.