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This week has been all about Ensemble Theatre, with some very interesting exercises thrown into the mix.

I think the class that appealed the most to me this week was the Neutral Mask.  We spend a lot of time in the youth theatre trying to convince the young actors (and their parents!) that showing off is not the same as acting, and that the two actually couldn't be more far apart.  The neutral mask was a great way to show this and to get the actors to stop trying to be different from one another, to stop trying to stand out and to work together to create something that is fresh, interesting and universal. I really liked watching some of the actors struggle with this concept, and was glad to see that almost all of them had 'got' it by then end of the class, stripping aside their ego and 'showmanship' to provide completely neutral motions (such as running down a pier, spotting a boat with your loved ones on it and then waving them a final goodbye before walking back …

Meeting the playwrights

Week 3 at the Academy has really got me into the habit of what to expect for the coming year ... work - and lots of it.

A big chunk of this week was spent meeting 4 professional playwrights who have been commissioned to write a piece for us. It was fascinating to see how 4 people who do the same job can go about it in such different ways. I'm really looking forward to working with any of them and I've already learned a great deal about writing and creating theatre from the few hours spent in their company.

Sooooo, all is going well, I've not had a chance to do any videos, music or recording and can't really see when I'll be able to do that in the coming year, it's a constant routine of classes, reading and writing just now and I'm sure it will continue that way - which is just what it should be. Intense. But worthwhile.

Been to see quite a few plays recently too, nothing that's blown me away but everything I've seen has helped to clarify what I like…

New Week, New Life

Just grabbing the first piece of free time I've had all week to make a little note about what has to be one of the most exciting weeks I've had for a long long time.

Matriculated at the RSAMD on Monday and finally met my classmates on the Tuesday, turning up fashionably late of course... A great great bunch of guys and gals, mostly from America but there are a couple of Europeans and also a sprinkling of Scottish folk! Everyone seems very nice indeed, so nice that they even bought me a cake for my 30th birthday (which was on Wednesday).

KD and I were too knackered to do anything on my actual birthday but had a great party last night where the old Largs guard joined forces with the new acting class to create a really fun night.  The highlight being Stu and Paul's wonderful acting at the end of the night when most had gone home, a true work of art.

I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into the (pretty intense) programme that we have lined up for us, there's qu…