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Making a Music Video

So last week I got the urge to create a music video.  It's been ages since I've made one but this seemed like a perfect time as my ex-bandmate Paul McGranaghan had just digitally released 'Carry the Torch' an excellent album based on the life and writings of Hunter S Thompson.  I had spent over a year recording and producing this and I think it's brilliant.  Great song-writing, great playing from a fantastic band that Paul assembled and I reckon it's the best 'sounding' record I've made, there's certainly more attention to detail in there than anything I've done in the past. Here's one of my favourite songs (about Hunter watching the Chicago riots):

So, onto music videos.  Creatively the music video is an odd one.  It can all hinge on one idea and one idea alone.  Think of Coldplay doing The Scientist: the one real concept is that it moves backwards, but Chris Martin is singing forwards. Within that basic concept there is something like …