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Show time is almost here...

Tonight was dress rehearsal for 'Mother Maria' and it went very well indeed.  Despite a few initial reservations about the space, things went extremely well and I'm really excited to get the ball up and rolling tomorrow.

It has been a really fun and challenging time working on this show.  We started the process aaaaaages ago, last November I think and I am very happy with the results.  The cast have given me their all and I'm sure the performances will excite and intrigue the audience.

We open in the Tron tomorrow night, the opening of a show is always a nerve-wracking event but they are good nerves, ones of excitement and not trepidation!

Album from last year

Death of A No-One - One Man Town by A R McGregor

This is an album I recorded with One Man Town last year. It was a rush getting it done before I left to go to Uni and therefore it is not exactly the fully finished product.  There are a few songs that I'm sure we would have worked on more, and one or two we would have dropped, had we worked on the project longer but I moved away and was too busy to go back to it.  Now, a year later, the others have gone off and started a new band so I decided to just draw a line and let people hear the album if they want, I may take songs from it and use melodies for other things, and I do think it's a good album, just there's a couple of tracks too many perhaps.

The idea was to create a concept album about a mediocre guy's life.  I have no idea why, just kind of came out that way.  Most of the songs merge into one another and there are repetitions of themes etc - mainly to do with the sun.  I wrote all of the songs apart from 'Anot…