My First Post

Hello.... anyone...

I'm just starting a whole new chapter in my life these coming months and thought it'd be good to do a blog about it, for no other reason than a diary for myself really. Perhaps others will find it interesting, I don't know.

I've just received my new camera (Canon 550d) an have asked the rock band De Soto Firefly if they'd like to be my guinea pigs and I am now trying to get some ideas together. I'm thinking wet faces and doors, that's about it just now.

Cheers ma dears



Alan Graham said…
Canon? Whit!??! Lol

All the best with it, in seriousness, am sure you'll have a blast.
A R McGregor said…
'Tis for video more than anything else, it records at full HD but you get the choice of lenses etc that only a dead expensive video-camera gives. Hopefully I'll get some cool vids out of it, def a learning curve though.

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