Pie and Plays and Pints

Today I walked up to the top of Byres Road to the place of my matrimony (the Oran Mor). I went to see a Play a Pie and a Pint. The play was called 'The Uncertainty Files' and, although not the kind of thing that I particularly like, it was a good experience to fill myself with Budweiser and greasy pies and then kick back and watch something for 45 minutes.

During the play I came to realise that, even though I may not have thought it before, I have a very definite idea of what kind of theatre I like and what I think it should consist of. This can only be a good thing I reckon.

Also during it (I had a lot of time to think) I came across an idea for making a smaller theatre within hte cavernous Barrfields. All the elements are in place really, myself and Ryan are banding ideas about and hopefully we can create a workable solution as a 500 seater theatre is not going to be used half as much as a 150 seater - or less even.

A letter I wrote was published in the Largs and Millport Weekly News this week, it's all about my thoughts on the theatre in Largs. I really believe that something can be done about it making it a much better venue. Hopefully my time at Uni will give me access to more people and ideas that can help further the plans.

Location:Ruthven St,Glasgow,United Kingdom


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