In the thick of rehearsals

We have under a week until our show next Thursday. Rehearsals have been running for a few days, it is an interesting (and challenging) way of doing things.

The directors arrive with prepared scripts highlighting where the events in the script are. An event is something that happens that affects all characters on stage.

We read the script from event x to event y. The actors then are assigned a task for this event ie "To force information from the King." They then think of a gesture that will carry them through this task, although the quality (moulding, flowing, flying, radiating) can change.

The actors then move on to the stage and improvise the scene, using words that they remember from the script and made up words. The overall atmosphere has to move as well. It is then our job as directors to add in smaller tactics, to remind the actors about place and also time.

Before we began this exercise we spent a lot of time on space. We explored the stage and looked at photos and decided where the grand hall was, the windows were, the moon etc etc. The actors have to use their bodies to show the changes in place. Everything needs to be a bit bigger (technical term seems to be 'radiate') to carry on the globe stage.

So we have now established the direction each character is moving in between events, the time and place of that event and also the direction of the atmosphere (as well each characters sensation...phew).

I'm finding it all very challenging but I can see how it all should work. Hopefully in a few days the terms will come more naturally from tongue.

Location:New Globe Walk,Camberwell,United Kingdom


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