Gearing up to go

I have spent the last couple of weeks on placement with Guy Hollands from the Citizens theatre.  He has been working on a collection of American one act plays that are to be performed at the Tron in June.  It was interesting to see him work and to get to know the plays, I spent most of the time observing but I had a chance to get involved when it was discovered that one of the plays, Boom Box, required a song to be written to the lyrics that were present in the play already.  It was meant to be a cheesy 80's ballad, so I came up with this!  I grew a mullet and everything...

The National Theatre of Scotland have accepted my 3 proposals for their 5 Minute Theatre Project - we are doing one with LYT, one with GYT and one with a group I'm working with at the RSAMD, so that's in the pipeline for the next few months.  I've also finished writing a short comedy which we are performing at the Arches in June, it's called 'The Rise and Fall of Lucas Petite' and is a load of nonsense.  I wanted the challenge of writing and directing a comedy, I just need to really really hope it doesn't fall flat on it's face by being totally unfunny...  I came up with the artwork for it tracing over a photo of Francois and adding a somewhat shocked look on his face:

The next few weeks will be deep in the world of Much Ado About Nothing, and then I've got to organise workshops as we will be taking the show out to schools and youth theatres.  Looking forward to getting back into working again as the holidays have dragged on a little. They dragged on so much that I ended up writing, recording and filming this wee video yesterday:

It's based on a tune that I originally wrote for LYT's exam piece 'The Invisible Girl'.  I've had the notion to attempt writing another musical, I've got a few ideas floating around, all I need is time...


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