From Lucas Petite to Stravinsky

We had two very successful performances of 'The Rise and Fall of Lucas Petite' at the Arches last week.  It seems like the kind of show that may have some legs and I'm looking at the options about taking it to the Edinburgh festival next year.  Need to start planning now.

This week has been all about Stravinsky's 'Renard' that I am assistant-directing with Mark Saunders.  I am working with four second-year actors. There are lots of pics of the rehearsals here.  It's all about a folk-tale involving a fox, cock, goat and hen.  The actors act out the action in front of four male singers and a reduced orchestra.  It's all very silly with lots of rolling around and Chaplin-esque slapstick, with this very complicated, strange music underscoring the whole thing.  It's been great fun, I'm then off for a week before we get stuck into the new writing, we have loads and loads of time to get that together so I'm really looking forward to getting started.  And then it's the Fringe and then it's graduation... weird.


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