Graduation, Tuts and the Citz

Well... this week has been mental.  Totally mental.  I was lucky enough to receive a call from the director Guy Hollands asking if I could be assistant-director for the Citizens Theatre's upcoming production of 'Hansel and Gretel'.  This was totally unexpected but of course I jumped at the opportunity.  The rehearsal schedule is intense, with most days between 11 and 12 hours long. It's a big learning curve for me, vein thrown into this big-budget, large-scale show, but I've loved every minute.  You can check out the trailer here:

On top of that I also had a gig to play at King Tuts this week with Paul McGranaghan and his band.  This went very well, it was odd being sat at the back just playing keys and singing the odd backing vocal, but was really good fun to have the pressure off and just enjoy making some cool tunes.

I ALSO had graduation this week which was a lovely event with a good chunk of our course in attendance.  It was good to see everybody, some had made the journey back from the states, and was a very pleasant evening.  Here we are in our gowns:

On Friday we celebrated Thanksgiving (a day late) and much turkey was eaten and jollity was had.  

Next week is shaping up to be even busier and, potentially, more exciting.  I have a weeks development at the RCS for my new musical 'Towards the Moon' as well as working at the Citz.  It will be exhausting stuff but I'm sure will be worth every minute.  I will attempt to keep the blog updated daily as a diary showing how the musical develops from the basic script that I have now into a fully-fleshed, hopefully exciting piece of theatre.


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