Fringe - Week 3

Well this hasn't been my first Fringe but it's certainly been the one I've felt an actual part of.  Met some great people yesterday at the Playwrights' Studio Scotland party and then even more folk at the FST do after that... was great to chat and learn about how the whole theatre thing works.

I was very surprised, and delighted, to hear that Towards the Moon has been nominated for 3 MTM Awards, best book, best music and best new musical.  It's a great honour to be nominated alongside such fantastic writers.  You can see the nominations here.

The reviews have been coming in fairly thick and fast and it's been a great response (on the whole!).  You can see a collection of the reviews and what have you here.

The cast of 'Towards the Moon'


msapaul said…
Loved your play. I am also a writer and presented a new musical MOD at the Fringe. Would love to chat with you about performing Towards The Moon. I run a small theater in NY, USA. You can contact me at

Paul Andrew Perez

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