Photos and Films

The last few weeks have been taken up mainly with me getting to grips with making videos of as high quality as I can muster! I went out with my actor friend, Lucy Hollis, to try and work on getting some shots for her showreel and so I could practice my technique of filming outside as I will be making a music video soon so wanted to get to grips with various new pieces of equipment I had bought.

I was really happy with the results that you can see here:

We shot on location around Largs and the music is by Paul McGranaghan.  I produced the song and played keys on it.

Whilst we were up in the hills and on the beach I thought I'd try and get a few snaps whilst I was at it.  I  struggled for a while as I was using a new lens I wasn't used to, but in the end I got some pics that I was really happy with.

I then worked with Lucy and actor Sam Keefe on a short scene from Dennis Kelly's 'After the End'.  This is the first time I really filmed a scene, I've always made music videos in the past, so I'm sure I made a few mistakes here and there but I'm pretty happy with the results, especially seeing as I didn't have anyone else to help me !

So we have another couple of scenes to film, one of which will be from my own play 'Love 2.0' and then hopefully both Lucy and Sam will have a nice showreel to show their mugs off to various agents, directors and what have you.  For my part, I will be starting work on my music video for Andy Gallagher and Overhaul, it's going to be pretty exciting.  So long as the weather holds up!

Other projects I've started recently are directing 'The Rise and Fall of Little Voice' for the Largs Players, which has been a great experience so far.  The last show they did was directed by Maggie Kinloch (vice-principal at the RCS) so I have big shoes to fill, but am trying my best!  I've also started to look at developing an idea for a play I've had for some time.  It's called 'Celia' and it's currently all I'm thinking about.... hopefully it will turn into something more than thoughts soon.


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