Making Love 2.0

I spent the last week working on a play that I first wrote, with Samuel Keefe and Molly Vevers, almost 2 years ago.  'Love 2.0' is a really fun little show that I think is going to really make people chuckle. You can read all about the show on my theatre company's blog here and you can see a little trailer I made up above.

We had photographer Emily Rowan in rehearsal (her website is here) and she caught various great shots of the actors but also, unusually, of my good self at work.  I'm not sure what the picture below says about my directing 'technique'...

Hopefully this is a show that we will be able to tour later in the year, but we shall see how our little showing at the Tron comes along first, it's certainly been a really fun show to make.


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