Keep moving, just keep moving.

In what must surely be the longest move ever recorded by man I think KD and I are finally ready to leave the lovely Largs behind (perhaps for good).  Our new flat in Glasgow is looking lovely and just about everything, apart from the GIANT framed photo of David Bowie, is out of our old house.

My bare house...

I've almost finished the new One Man Town album, all the songs bar one are in some sort of completion, now it's just extended listening and tweaking until everyone's happy with the final mix.  It's a concept record so all the tracks are inter-linked which is quite fun to try and do.  I've got a good idea for the first video, involves computer games.

Also happening just now is the biggest fund-raising event of the year for the Largs Youth Theatre - we run Largs Has Got Talent, which sounds terrible but is actually a lot of fun.  I'm doing the sound for the show and am basically in charge of the running of the actual night (Ryan and Emma do a great job of organising everything up to that point).  Looking forward to it. Off to help the wife do more cleaning now... yawn....


Jonathan White said…
Good Luck Andrew!!! Largs will miss you! when do you start uni?
A R McGregor said…
Just checked my blog - didn't see you had responded. Ta muchus, all settled in now. Start Uni end of September, cannae wait.

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