Meeting the playwrights

Week 3 at the Academy has really got me into the habit of what to expect for the coming year ... work - and lots of it.

A big chunk of this week was spent meeting 4 professional playwrights who have been commissioned to write a piece for us. It was fascinating to see how 4 people who do the same job can go about it in such different ways. I'm really looking forward to working with any of them and I've already learned a great deal about writing and creating theatre from the few hours spent in their company.

Sooooo, all is going well, I've not had a chance to do any videos, music or recording and can't really see when I'll be able to do that in the coming year, it's a constant routine of classes, reading and writing just now and I'm sure it will continue that way - which is just what it should be. Intense. But worthwhile.

Been to see quite a few plays recently too, nothing that's blown me away but everything I've seen has helped to clarify what I like or don't like, both as important as one another! Black Watch was definitely the biggest 'EVENT' and I really dug big chunks of it, but perhaps the huge hype surrounding it dulled my impression.

Other classes this week involved expanding on our movement and voice lessons from the previous week. The most startling of these was a very simple voice exercise that is used to open the voice up. Watching others do it (basically singing long notes until you run out of breath) I was very sceptical but on trying it out it was strange what a physical reaction it created in the body. Some of the class members were moved to tears, some got very excited, everyone was knackered!

Movement was really good fun and started to involve some improvising, which is my favourite drama exercise, so was all good. We did some mask work which also created a strange feeling, looking at myself in the mirror with a neutral mask. However an exercise with the mask and some sticks left me cold, it can't all work I suppose...

Got loads of ideas for LYT and GYT, which reminds me, I have 2 plays to finish...

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Jonathan White said…
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Jonathan White said…
course sounds amazing!!! is davey anderson one of the playwrights? lol. I started my placement this saturday at Unity Theatre in Liverpool there youth theatre called splatterdays which is fun reminds me of Greenock Youth Theatre! which was funny. I am also devising a theatre in education piece on the Black death to tour round school which is fun and trying to do a 2000 word esssay but lets not think about that so very busy. enjoy reading your blogs though

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