Musical Recorded and Starting a New Show

I finished recording the main bulk of my musical 'Towards the Moon' last night.  I was lucky enough to have the excellent Lyndsey Knox sing the female parts for me and I sang all the male parts with my wife, Kirsty, helping out with backing vocals.  

****RECORDING GEEK WARNING: I recorded everything myself with Cubase (first 6 and then the new 7 when it came out) using a whole bunch of virtual instruments, mainly from Native Instrument's Komplete, with some of the drums being done on BFD2 and RMX's Stylus and I also used Omnisphere a lot - processing was mainly done with Focusrite's Liquid Mix (which is an oldie but a goodie) and a bunch of Waves plug-ins, in particular I like the SSL EQ. The guitars are all real and I used Guitar Rig for the bulk of the guitar sounds.****

I'm happy with the way it's sounding, there are a few little numbers here and there that I need to work on a bit but on the whole this is the music for the show as it currently stands.

In other news I led my first ever choreography session yesterday with a couple of excellent actors/movers.  This is development for the new show I'm working on called 'Celia'.  You can hear the music I composed for this in my previous quote.  It was a worrying yet exciting rehearsal.  Worrying in that it was something I had never done before but exciting in that we started to get some really good first ideas together that I am sure can be developed into something extremely interesting.

There are sections of the story that I felt would be told better through movement rather than text.  I had written out the play in a traditional form and, though I was happy with the characters and the story I felt it was plodding, dull and not particularly theatrical, so moving into this more abstract way of story-teeling seems like a sensible move and I think in the space of a three minute dance we told more than 10 pages of dialogue could have.

There is sooooo much work to be done on this show and I think it could be really exciting, I want it to be visceral, sexy, violent, technically exciting and, above all, theatrical - something that could only belong on a stage. I have applied for a small amount of money to help me develop it so here's hoping that comes through and it can really start to take shape. In the meantime it's countless hours sitting at the laptop bashing ideas out.


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