A new idea - experiments in movement

So I have had this idea for a story for a while.  I know what it is.  I know the characters.  I got 80 pages into writing a play about them.  And then I realised my approach was all wrong.  A standard, fourth wall play wasn't working.  I was getting annoyed, frustrated.  So I've started again, this time looking to combine the various skills I've been developing over the years.

Theatre is a bastard.  I remember that from a day one theatre studies lecture.  It's origin is the meshing together of other, more pure, art-forms.  With this in mind I've started working on this show with a focus on the different art-forms that I work in.  So I've been composing music, I've been writing text and I've been making video and on Friday I shall be attempting choreography.  Who knows how it will go.  I've been researching a lot.  Watching various videos, reading various books, but the most important thing is to keep my eyes open and see what happens in the room.

I've applied for a small amount of funding to get this show off the ground, here's hoping it comes through, if not then I'll have to carry on regardless as I'm pretty sure it will be great.... or it could be absolutely terrible. And it's that risk that powers me on!

For the music for the show I thought I'd try something quite different. So I've been working on more dub-steppy kind of rhythms, using less real instruments (almost none apart from a clarinet and some acoustic and electric guitar) and instrumental as well.  They may not be the most melodic pieces to listen to but I hope that they will create an atmosphere and help tell the story I want to tell. I've got some major plot points that I want to be shown with music and movement, one is a scene where two characters first have sex and the other is when the main character (she's called Celia) is born.


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