Monkey Aliens

This week I have mainly been dealing with my Greenock Youth Theatre's Summer School.  After spending a few hours preparing on Sunday I was raring to go and the new ideas that I had worked out really seemed to work well.

We try to write and perform a little play for parents by the Friday, we only have about 8 hours to do it so it's pretty intense.  The idea that the kids (and young adults) came up with this year is all about Monkey Aliens!  So I spent Tuesday night taking all their ideas and trying to knit them into a little play.  We spent today writing songs (4 in total) and now have about 3.5 hours to get things ready for our wee show on Friday.

Also tried out the second half of songs I have written for One Man Town's new album, I thought they were sounding pretty good, I had gone back to the drawing board with some of them and was happy with the way they've turned out and the band seemed to like them too (which is always the most nerve-racking thing).  Alongside all this I am getting ready to move house, box packing here I come...


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