Quick wee video

Yesterday was spent making a quick wee video for Stewart Robbie (www.myspace.com/stewartrobbie).  The song was called Back to Bed and the idea was to have him lying in bed whilst actually being standing up and playing with that very simple idea.  First thing we had to do was velcro stuff like the pillow and sheets to the bed, we had a plate of bread that was in the video so we had to attach that too.  Here's Stewart attempting to stick it down:

I used a combination of cameras, my new Canon 550d was really excellent and also shot some moving footage with my Sony HDR-SR11e which can't really compete with the Canon but is useful to have around.  Took the footage into Final Cut, played around for a few hours, brought it into Color to try and give the black and white a bit more depth and then uploaded to youtube. Whole process took about 5/6 hours, simple wee video - simple wee song.


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